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At the Windsor restaurant we are committed to sustainability as a key element that will allow tourism to remain one of the main economic drivers in Barcelona.

Therefore, we seek to integrate the values and principles associated with sustainable development into our day-to-day lives, and the way we relate to our employees, suppliers, and customers.


  • We work with the maximum of products of km 0, always according to season.
  • We disseminate Catalan cuisine and offer the Traditions menu, which is a proposal based on the Corpus of Catalan cuisine, enriched with recipes from other cultures that are already part of our gastronomic memory. A simple, honest, humble and product kitchen. A journey through time to eat as we did at home in the 70s, 80s, 90s ….
  • Our proposal has the sensitivity to offer products for all types of diets.
  • Our cuisine is based on a healthy diet, both for our customers and our team.
  • We offer our restaurant as an art exhibitor of the neighboring art rooms, in this way we help them and they help us.
  • In the wine chapter, we also prioritize those that are close by, trying to support the economy, farming and local business.


  • We communicate to the whole team and our customers about responsible consumption.
  • We work with energy companies that use 100% renewable energy.
  • LED lighting and presence detectors to reduce consumption to the maximum.
  • Consumption of drinking water obtained by reverse osmosis which reduces the consumption of plastic and glass in a very significant way.
  • We communicate with our customers and employees in digital format.


  • We do selective waste collection.
  • We recycle, through an authorized company, the exhausted oil from our kitchen.
  • We offer customers packaging of potato fiber and cardboard in case they want to take the food, also in Delivery service.
  • We collaborate with the organization Aflote (aflote.org) which gives a second life to the corks we generate in the restaurant, occupying people at risk of social exclusion.


  • We disseminate through our website the different public transport options available to get to our restaurant.
  • All our facilities are accessible for people with reduced mobility.
  • ACCESSIBLE BARCELONA: http://www.barcelona-access.cat


  • We comply with current regulations for the prevention of Covid. Hydroalcoholic ice at the entrance and at all restaurant tables.
  • QR cards.
  • Cleaning of services every 2 hours.
  • Automatic door at the entrance.
  • Reception with a security cordon that obliges the stop where we have information signs for the obligatory use of a mask and the use of hydroalcoholic ice before entering.


  • We are committed to the environment, the cultural and gastronomic promotion of the city of Barcelona
  • We minimize the use of chemicals for the cleaning of our premises, thanks to the use of ionized water generated in the same premises.



Continue with our time horizon project as long as possible. Identification of the brand with the quality of the experience and the personality of the human team.


To continue, for many more years, to be a benchmark in the restoration of Barcelona, ​​always prioritizing excellence in management, food safety, balance in nutrition, always with local and seasonal products. And do it through a human team with identity and values.


Work as a team with a positive and proactive attitude. Love what we do. Respect and dignify the profession. Always keep in mind that the client is our reason for being.

Commitment to the environment, making our activity and sustainability possible. Choosing and discarding those materials, products and processes that make it possible.

Efficiency, being very attentive and trying not to waste any resources.
integrity; say what we do and do what we say. Act accordingly and honestly.

Integrity: saying what we do and doing what we say. Act accordingly and honestly.